• I consider myself a prideful person, it doesn’t tend to be noticeable in real life as I tend to be too polite to show it, but here on the internet I am starting to become aware of it more and more and sometimes I wonder if I am justified or not.

    For instance, I once have come to disagree with Jay who suggested I allow an oc of mine that suffers from permanent insomnia to be able to sleep if knocked out, to which I couldn’t agree, as that was the whole basis of her character, and I felt that it balanced itself out by her being allowed to become too exhausted to move…but I did compromise in the end and gave her a dazed period if she was hit hard enough, and now I find myself there again.

    You have suggested, time and time again, I put a semblance on one of my OC-s...and time and time again I said no, but is me saying no being a hypocrite? I did ask for feedback and that does count as such, but I see virtually no reason to do so no matter how hard I try. It doesn’t go directly against canon, her fighting style has plenty of tools already even without one, it fits with her backstory since she spent most of it learning how to draw a sword and the rest on upgrading her weapon, and adds a unique dimension to her character by being a successful hunter without one…sooooo to summarize.

    Can you please explain to me, in as many words as you are willing to give me, why do you think she needs a semblance?

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    • it isn't you being hypocritical, as I said in my post where you asked if she needed a semblance; the answer is both yes and no

      Yes she has one, that much I feel is undebatable, just as every person in this world has some form of talent, a semblance I feel is a special lens for a characters aura to impact the world.

      However, this leads to where the "No" comes in; she does not need to ever discover what her semblance does, just as many people in our own world fail to discover their own potential or talents. This is a perfectly valid option...

      My problem was you put forward a potential "bleed" through the lens that is possibly her semblance... but would not elaborate on whether it truly is her semblance or is just a joke the students created... the latter being something that would likely mean nothing to her yet be teased at by others, while the former would be mentioned by all those who knew her and likely herself as well should she be made aware of it...

      I will note that as a reader this knowledge is unnecessary, yet as a writer I feel it is important to note the difference because otherwise it can lead to unintentionally misleading writing, which when writing something that is complex can completely derail the narrative and make any hints you give misread/disregarded.

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    • Oh that. That’s just her spreading rumors in order to scare first years into thinking she might actually remove their limbs on the slightest notice…guess I better clarify that section.

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    • Is this clear enough?

      Semblance: Undiscovered; She has spent most of her life as a student learning the art of the draw and upgrading her weapon, so she was far too busy to even consider discovering her semblance, and once out she had even less reason to learn it; She DOES, however, spread false rumors about having a pain ignoring semblance that allows her to amputate a student’s legs without them screaming as a means to scare fist years, and even keeps her weapon with the chains deployed on the walls of her clinic for emphasis. She makes sure to tell the students that come in the truth before they leave though. 

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    • that works then, she has no known semblance, however there are rumors she perpetuates to scare the hell out of first years.

      edit: ninja'd

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    • Well in that case I think she is done for the most part. Updated my mistakes and added the Notes section on my page concerning her interaction with the staff, trivia and references, think that covers just about everything. Thanks for the help and don’t hesitate to point out if I missed anything.

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    • VedranTheII wrote:

      Alice in Wonderland is, in my opinion of course, a story about growing up narrated via an acid trip, so of course most people choose to focus on the latter while ignoring the former…honestly I love your idea of Alice so much I’m half tempted to make an oc with exactly that premise.

      I wasn't kidding about that btw...did you make that character yet? If not i think i might give it a go.

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    • nope, go ahead.

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    • Yaaaaaay...-goes to bed-

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    • A FANDOM user
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