I will not be lured into a trap. If I invest our full strength in this fight, their attack could weaken us for the big one if and when it comes.
—Theodore, to Xanthe Rumpole

Professor Theodore is the Headmaster of Shade Academy, having first been referenced in the novel RWBY: After the Fall, and debuting in RWBY: Before the Dawn.


Theodore is described as “putting everything out there,” having worked hard to get his body into peak physical condition and wanting to show it off. He has dark, close cut hair which is almost shaved off, and a checkered vest shows off his wiry frame thin but with sharp lines of muscle like he had been chiseled from stone

Theodore wears an ankle length, grey-blue cape likened to the color of a storm sky which is clasped onto his shoulders with a silver chain, a silver belt with a round buckle, matching boots, and bright white slacks with deep side pockets. Theodore also wears red gloves which are decorated in Dust crystals; his weapon of choice.

This outfit is designed to draw attention to himself, which he manages to make work despite being conceptually ridiculous for a man in his forties to pull off.


Theodore is perhaps best described by his youthful and high-spirited personality. Represented by his energy and enthusiasm, he is extremely popular amongst Shade Academy’s students due to his strength and show-offish nature. Due to his youthful spirit, he acts as though he were younger than Ozpin when he is in fact older. Furthermore, he is fine with making controversial choices, keeping other Headmasters in the dark and shaking up Shade Academy’s teams despite student protest.

As an actions over words type of person, he also makes it a point to respect local authorities, declaring a school-wide curfew once Grimm Watch reports students conducting unofficial Huntsmen business after hours.

Despite this, Theodore is much more cautious than Ozpin or James Ironwood, referring to his fellow Headmasters as reckless. He puts his priority in protecting his students, making questionable choices for their sake; as seen with the team shakeup and re-initiation to get them on equal footing. His protective nature of the students goes so far to even conduct research on students from all other Academies, as shown by his introduction to Team CFVY, where he explains he had been making files on them since before the Vytal Festival. Theodore makes it so that the students of Shade Academy are all rightfully powerful individually.

Theodore can get over-enthusiastic at the prospect of combat, and has to be reminded by Xanthe Rumpole not to enter brawls.

Theodore detests being called “Professor” or “Theo,” preferring his normal name. Amongst his oddities, he also refers to Haven Academy as "Mistral Academy" and calls Salem "the big one."

He appears to be easily stressed by the prospect of Salem's arrival, as well as Shade Academy falling like Beacon Academy did, entering a rage at the idea.


At some point, Theodore became the Headmaster of the Huntsman academy in Vacuo, Shade Academy. Before the events of the novels, Ozpin invited Theodore into his group, involving him in his shadow war against Salem and her faction.

According to RWBY: Amity Arena, the people of Atlas are uncertain about Theodore's status.[1]

Following the Fall of Beacon, Team CFVY had arrived at Shade Academy, with letters of recommendation from fellow Headmistress Glynda Goodwitch. Theodore gladly accepts the students into Shade, welcoming them to their new home. He challenges the team to a friendly fight, but Rumpole stops him before things escalate.

Weeks later, following the Battle of Haven, Theodore also welcomes Team SSSN to Shade, though he is much less impressed by than he was by CFVY. Hesitant to accept new students due to Leonardo Lionheart’s death resulting in no transcripts being sent out, Theodore questions why Sun Wukong wasn’t at Haven for the first semester of the previous school year. When Sun bluffs by telling him he was on a special assignment in Menagerie, Rumpole questions who gave him the mission, and Scarlet David clarifies nobody did other than Sun himself. Theodore remains uncertain of the team, and is surprised to find that Sun is the leader of SSSN. Eventually, Theodore offers the team provisional enrollment at Shade Academy, until they either wash out or he changes his mind - which Rumpole clarifies happens frequently. Theodore instructs Team SSSN to provide a written word report of what had happened at Menagerie and Haven.

In present day, Theodore is told by Vacuo's Grimm watch that a group of students is unofficially patrolling the city due to a rise in disappearances, causing the local authorities issues. Theodore calls forth a school-wide assembly in Shade's Meeting Grounds to address this. Before he does, he raises the excitement of his students, attempting to get them to try and battle him for fun, almost convincing Umber Gorgoneion to do so before being stopped by Rumpole once again. Theodore assures that while Shade doesn’t have many rules, its students must be responsible for their own actions and willing to accept consequences, and in order to maintain good relations with the police and Huntsmen, effective immediately students must remain on campus after sundown unless assigned to a mission and approved by himself or Rumpole as the missing persons cases are already in the works.

Furthermore, disturbed by the disasters at the Battles of Beacon and Haven, and struggling to take in the flood of refugee students, Theodore declares a new initiation for all Shade students-including the formation of new teams. This initiation is shown to be controversial, causing uproar from students. Theodore explains this is a temporary measure to put students on equal footing in strength, and to help the transferring Haven and Beacon students to adapt to Vacuo. Theodore officially starts the first re-initiation in Shade's history, and watches it take place.

When Neptune Vasilias, Yatsuhashi Daichi, and Fox Alistair battle a mind-controlled Rumpole, Theodore is amongst the crowd watching. He tells the trio he won't interfere, this being entirely their fight. When Fox correctly guesses Rumpole's first name and Yatsuhashi disables her mind control, Theodore is shocked to discover she had been captured. He calls the three and Xanthe to his office, and asks her to tell him what happened since she was captured. Rumpole and the group decide to form a rescue operation at the Mirage under Theodore's approval.

After Yatsuhashi's captured, Theodore begins to stress over the Crown, complaining about Jax Asturias’ corruption of his sister, Gillian Asturias, and decides that the authorities can handle the twins due to bigger threats, referring to Salem. He believes chasing the two is a trap, and will only distract them from “the big one”. Rumpole objects, saying the twins may be in line with the big one, and the Crownsmen are an advanced force just like the White Fang had been in Haven. Theodore roars that Shade isn’t Beacon, punching a wall with his gloves, leaving a crater in the room and cracking Ozpin’s portrait in his office. Teams CFVY and SSSN convince him to let Shade deal with Jax and Gillian, and he restores the original teams effective immediately. Immediately after, they hear gunfire outside and discover the Crown has launched their attack at Shade Academy. Theodore leads the charge against them, throwing himself in the middle of the fight.

After the Battle of Shade, Theodore congratulates the students for defending their school.

Powers and Abilities

Theodore is described as one of the strongest, most powerful Headmasters, which shows in his confident and flamboyant attitude. He primarily takes on a boxing fighting style, aided by Gravity Dust-embedded gloves which he uses to deliver power blows to targets.


  • Theodore alludes to Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz.
    • Both names are derived from the same root words albeit reversed in order (dor-o-the and the-o-dor).
    • He wears silver shoes like Dorothy in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz 1900 novel.
    • His red gloves could reference to Dorothy's ruby slippers in the 1939 movie.
    • His grey-blue cape could reference the storm that brought Dorothy to Oz.
    • His silver belt could be a reference to the belt that Dorothy took from the Gnome King in the sequel novels.
    • In his office, there is a picture of a young girl wearing a checkered dress and holding a dog. This could be a reference to how Dorothy looked in the story, while the dog could be a reference to Dorothy's dog Toto.
  • Theodore means "God-given" in Greek. Aspects of God are often associated with the color white.
  • Theodore is the only Headmaster to have made his debut outside the show proper.


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