The World of RWBY: The Official Companion is an official art book published by Viz Media. It was released on October 8th, 2019.

On August 21st, 2019, Viz released preview images of the book.

On May 21st, 2020, Full Sail University released the entirety of the chapter "Part 3: Grimm" for a collaboration with RoosterTeeth Animations for Volume 8.

Official Description

The definitive companion to the hit animated series, The World of RWBY is the ultimate celebration of a pop-culture phenomenon. Go behind the scenes with exclusive commentary from Rooster Teeth and explore the show’s creation through in-depth interviews with the writers, animators and voice artists. With comprehensive analysis of key characters and iconic episodes, and showcasing stunning visuals from the series, this is the must-have book for RWBY fans around the world.[1]


  • It was stated by Eddy Rivas that information in the book can differ or even become outdated as the show goes on.[2]
  • In the book, Lie Detection is mentioned as a Semblance power during the section on Semblances. This foreshadowed its eventual appearance in Volume 7 as the Semblance of Robyn Hill.