Episode 15 - "The Stray"

  1. Model - The "Welcome to Vale" banner in the background of the street is missing in the shot at 1:07.
  2. Model - In the same shot mentioned above, Yang and Blake end up exchanging positions in the next scene.
  3. Model - When Ruby Rose is talking to the officer at 1:44 he is using a pencil. However, when the shot changes to face him he is using a pen instead.
  4. Model - At 1:48, the writing on the police tape behind the detective is reversed. However, next time we see that tape at 2:38 it's not reversed.
  5. Model - When Team RWBY is running towards the ship, Ember Celica is undeployed. However, after Sun Wukong runs by, it is deployed. Then after Weiss Schnee crashes into Penny Polendina, the weapon is seen back in its original state (2:54-4:00). This seems to happen constantly throughout the episode despite the fact that Yang Xiao Long is never seen or heard activating them.
  6. Model - At 3:21, when Sun jumps down off the lamp post there is no one standing on the dock, but when he lands, two people can be seen behind him.
  7. Model - At 3:40, after Sun runs by, Ruby seems to be missing Crescent Rose.
  • Model - At 4:06, portions of Yang's head from the previous shot can be seen on top of Weiss' model for two frames.
  1. Model - At 8:36, Yang is improperly layered with the chair she is sitting on.
  2. Animation - When Ruby was extending her hand to respond to Weiss' low-five, her right arm went through her left arm.
  3. Model - When Ruby wakes up at 9:25, the window is open, but when the shot changes to Blake Belladonna's empty bed, the window is closed.
  4. Model - At 10:06, Sun is sitting with his back to the wall, and Blake is facing it. However, in "Black and White", they have switched seats.

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