Fight for your Kingdom and Crown!

The Mirage is a secret fight club located outside of the city of Vacuo. By daytime, it takes the cover of an abandoned Mistral Trading Company refinery. By night, it serves as a secret headquarters and fighting pit for The Crown. The club's motto is "For Crown and Kingdom". Its emblem was that of a silver, three-pointed crown.


Originally a Dust refinery, the Mirage is a study warehouse built of steel, which would provide cover from sandstorms with ease. It had been built with shiny, reflective walls to keep the interior cooled in the heat. The building had large steel doors which were strong enough to be able to block a swing from Fulcrum without sustaining damage.

Inside, a narrow, dark hallway led to a larger room with a golden cage surrounded by tables and chairs. The Mirage had an elevated platform which allowed for an announcer to watch the fight without any danger, and comment on the cage matches. The room pounded with techno music through speakers, and Aura boards were mounted up for audiences. The Mirage's walls were filled with a large assortment of weapons that served as decor for the club. Amongst these were one of Carmine Esclados' sai, which had been turned into pure gold by Xanthe Rumpole.

The Mirage had strict rules, in which photos and weapons were explicitly banned. It was heavily guarded by the Crown's thugs, who are identified by silver armbands.


Originally a Dust refinery, the Mirage is an ancient building that had been acquired by the Mistral Trading Company sometime after the Great War, but had since been abandoned after Vacuo was drained of its resources.

It was later turned into The Crown's headquarters while also doubling as a secret fighting club, hidden away during the day but highly active at night. Cage fights were held with the rules of no weapons allowed, and they were used to scout out powerful Semblances for the organization's agenda of building an army.

One night while patrolling after curfew, Team CFVY and Team SSSN investigate the Pits, a nightclub in Vacuo, after deciding to look for missing Huntsmen so that they would do their jobs. Coco Adel and Fox Alistair spot Green and Argento Pocoron stalking a merchant, and attempt to kidnap him. The Huntsmen intervene, in which Fox notices the assailants have almost identical Auras. A chase ensues, leading the group to an abandoned Dust refinery. Inside, Fox senses around 50 Auras identical to Green/Brown, one more familiar - Rumpole's. The building's door is able to hold against impact, and there is a password console to enter. Agrento and Green escape, and Coco decides to confront Rumpole the next day.

Later, after receiving information on the Mirage from August Caspian on a mission in Coquina, Velvet Scarlatina and Sun Wukong realize the abandoned refinery is the Mirage, and use the information to get inside the club by guessing its password.

While Sun is forced to hand over Ruyi Bang and Jingu Bang, Velvet is able to pass Anesidora off as a normal camera. When they reach the cages, they see Umber Gorgoneion facing off against another woman called Tayet Aldahahab. There, Umber uses her Semblance to defeat the older woman. Meanwhile, Velvet nearly blows their cover by attempting to take a picture of the weapons and faking it as a selfie with Sun, the camera flashing and drawing the crowd's attention. When they look at the picture, and the wall behind them, they realize one of the mounted weapons is one of Carmine's sais. However, it's been since turned into pure gold.

As Umber wins her fight, she attacks the announcer who makes predatory remarks towards her. Guards with silver armbands approach her with guns. They notice half of the people in the Mirage have these. Umber unfreezes him, and the crowd and announcer laugh it off. The announcer asks for another fighter, and Velvet volunteers. As the fight is about to start, Sun notices a young man emerge from the shadows and whisper something into the announcer's ear. As a result, he calls on Sun instead of Velvet and Sun is forced into the cage.


  • A mirage is an optical illusion caused by atmospheric conditions, most commonly associated with heat in deserts, fitting its nature of secrecy as well as its location.
  • In the first draft of RWBY: Before the Dawn, Junior Xiong had opened up The Mirage, and the Malachite Twins were the surprise antagonists who take on Yatsu in the cage fight.[1]


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