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The Hound vs. Oscar


The Hound vs. Penny "Dark" Won


Capturing Oscar

Salem orders the Hound to track down Oscar Pine

At some point, Salem experimented on a Silver-Eyed Faunus, creating the hybrid known as The Hound.

When Salem acquires the Relic of Knowledge, she summons The Hound so that it can track and bring the one who can show her how to activate it. The Grimm tracks Oscar Pine, Yang Xiao Long, Jaune Arc, and Lie Ren in Mantle, where it follows Oscar in secret before ambushing him and knocking him out.

The three attack the Grimm, but are shocked and horrified by its intelligence and ability to speak and using Oscar as a hostage, allowing The Hound an opportunity to grow wings to fly away. Yang, Jaune, and Ren use their hoverbikes to chase after the monster.

The trio followed after The Hound into a cavern. The Hound proceeds to summon more Grimm in order to slow them down. Ren was able to latch onto it but the Hound proceeds to slam Ren around the cavern until he was forced to let go in order to save Jaune and Yang. The Hound proceeds to take Oscar to Monstra. It was later seen holding Oscar by his coat while Salem tortures him for information until Hazel Rainart takes over. The Hound follows Salem through a hallway passing by Cinder Fall and Neopolitan. When Cinder inquires on what it is, Salem revels the Grimm was an experiment that has so far been successful. It growled at Cinder when she talked back to Salem. The duo then proceed to leave Cinder and Neo behind.

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Hunting Penny

Cinder pitted against the Hound to find Watts and the Winter Maiden

When Salem summons her subordinates on the bridge, The Hound sniffs the scents of Cinder, Neo, and Emerald Sustrai. Salem challenges Cinder to break Arthur Watts from his prison and find Penny Polendina before The Hound does, promising her the Winter Maiden powers regardless of who arrived on scene first. Cinder glares at the Grimm, and it is soon present for Salem's strike on Atlas.

The creature soon made its way to the Schnee Manor, where it caught wind to the scent of Penny's "blood". The Hound finds Ruby Rose and Blake Belladonna in the manor's backup generators, attacking Ruby, who had the scent on her. Realizing that Ruby isn't its target and that it must "take the girl", The Hound abandoned the fight and crashed into the manor proper. Willow is able to warn Weiss Schnee of the Hound just as it knocked her aside and chased after Penny's blood, coming across Whitley Schnee as he attempted to secure travel for Atlesians. Willow was able to use her Semblance to pin down The Hound with a Summon. In the hall, its chase after Whitley and Willow was interrupted by a conjured ice wall by Weiss. The Hound doubled back to the manor's entrance to encounter a possessed Penny, who attempts to fight the Grimm off her to complete her given tasks. As it attempts to leave, Ruby uses her eyes on it, causing it to drop Penny as it falls backwards out of a window.

The Hound's skeletal remains after its death

However, The Hound survives the attack and climbs back up, its face having been affected by the Silver Eyes and revealing it to have a heavily scarred Silver Eyed Faunus as its core, to the group's horror. The Hound recovers from the attack, and prepares to leap at Penny, Ruby, Blake, and Weiss, only to subsequently be crushed to death by an Arma Gigas statue in the manor, pushed over by Whitley and Willow. As the Grimm dissipated, all that was left of the person inside were the skeletal remains.

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