The Hearth is a guild of thieves and assassins that returned to Kuchinashi to deal with the Wave. They were led by Abigail Pyre prior to her death.


The Hearth is a guild of thieves and assassins that are infamous in Kuchinashi and only recently returned to the city when the Wave took over in order to get rid of one of their rivals. Because of this, they were willing to help Team SAFR and their allies take them down only after they proved themselves by taking out the Wave's caravans leaving the city.

While it was originally stated that The Hearth were also rivals with the Hana Guild, this was later proven to be a lie when Abigail was later revealed to be working with it's leader, Vermillion Raddock, in "When Life Gives You Lemons" in order to get paid. Due to working for him, she willingly killed the leader of the Wave Lemon and planned on giving him all of the Magic artifacts the Wave obtained while willingly fighting Team SAFR in the process.

The organization is named after one of the nicknames given to Abigail Pyre, the original founder.


The Hearth is a guild of thieves and assassins originally founded by a woman named Abigail Pyre not long after betraying her old co-worker Asher Mora to members of the Hana Guild and leaving a recording of an apology.

Sometime after this, The Hearth became infamous in Kuchinashi and temporarily left the city prior to it being taken over by the Wave, one of the organization's rivals. However, they later return to the city about two weeks into the Wave's takeover in order to get rid of them. At some point prior to this, Abigail was also hired by the leader of the Hana Guild, Vermillion Raddock, to kill Lemon and to deliver all of her magic artifacts to him.

Based on information given to them by The Taskmaster and looking for allies to help them take down the Wave, Team SAFR discover The Hearth's headquarters at the location of a building that Abigail and Asher constantly visited and Asher eventually meets Abigail again when members of The Hearth soon surrounded them. While Asher was still weary of Abigail after being betrayed by her, he and the others had no choice but to ask for her help due to needing allies. While Abigail and the Hearth were willing to help them, they would only do so after they helped take out the Wave's caravans leaving the city due to them containing magic artifacts.

Thanks to Team SAFR, the caravans were taken out and the Hearth willingly decided to help them with Abigail secretly working for the Hana Guild. When the Hana Guild later kidnapped Taupe to lure out Team SAFR and eliminate them, Abigail had two of her men, Beeve and Keister assist them and help them reach the main Hana Guild compound where Taupe was being held and later escape from Vermillion Raddock after he gives chase.

After Taupe was rescued, Abigail and The Hearth seemingly assisted the rest of the forces fighting against the Wave when they attempted to get their remaining artifacts out of the city on a stolen Atlesian Airship. Once the airship launched and Team SAFR were seemingly the only ones that made it on the ship, Abigail secretly managed to get in as well and began doing the job Vermillion originally hired her for. Once she reached Lemon, she stole her Magic Necklace and commanded a Manticore Grimm to kill her and left her to bleed to death while changing the ship's course to deliver the artifacts to Vermillion. Once Team SAFR learn that she changed the ship's four and that she was actually working for Vermillion Raddock, they end up engaging in battle. During the fight, Asher manages to steal the Magic Necklace from Abigail and used it to control a Manticore and capture her after her Aura broke due to Fenix Nemean using his Beast Mode on her. Abigail then began to genuinely fear for her own life after being pinned by the Grimm right before the ship crashed too far from Kuchinashi. While Team SAFR managed to survive the crash, Abigail was heavily implied to have been killed by the Manticore since Asher lost control of it when he was knocked out by the ship crash.


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