Episode 4 - "The First Step"Edit

  1. Model - At 3:00, Pyrrha Nikos' hand is out of place.
  2. Animation - At 3:45, Weiss Schnee has a constraint cube in both hands.
  3. Animation - At 4:10, Weiss is in front of Jaune Arc, however, at 4:20, she is behind him despite the fact that there was no frame that showed when she moves to another position.
  4. Model - At 4:40, Pyrrha Nikos apologizes to Jaune but her lips do not move, however, Weiss' lips move as if she was talking but she says nothing.
  5. Model - When Pyrrha throws the Miló at Jaune, it appears brightly colored but when she picks it up, it appears darkened. (This was later fixed on the YouTube version of the episode.)
  6. Model - When Jaune is hanging off the side of the lockers, his body is not slouched and his neck appears to have been broken.
  7. Model - Before launch, Ruby Rose appears to have six fingers on her left hand.
  8. Animation - At the initiation, there are 16 students standing on the platforms. However, there are only 15 sounds of the platforms boosting people off the cliff. When all the students are seen flying towards the forest, there are only 14 figures.
  9. Model - The initiation lineup features the debut of Nora Valkyrie's Magnhild, however, it randomly disappears from her back twice up until Nora is launched into Emerald Forest.

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