"The First Step, Pt.2" is the fifth episode of RWBY Volume 1, which premiered on the Rooster Teeth website on August 15th, 2013.


The students plummet to the Emerald Forest, all executing their personal landing strategies, except for Jaune Arc. After slowing her fall with her shield and landing in a tree, Pyrrha throws her spear to pin Jaune to a tree in the distance, saving him.

Meanwhile, Ruby lands on the ground and begins running through the forest, desperately hoping to find Yang while contemplating other partners based on the people she knows. Feeling that Jaune is probably too useless in battle and Blake Belladonna is too hard to hold a conversation with, she wracks her brain for another potential partner. It is then that she stumbles upon Weiss Schnee, who immediately rejects her and walks away, only to find Jaune still stuck to a tree. She promptly turns back around and partners with Ruby. Shortly after, Pyrrha Nikos finds Jaune and partners with him.

While Weiss wishes to not waste any time in completing their mission, Ruby is eager to create a friendship with her and shows off her speed to convince Weiss that she would be a good, useful teammate. As Ruby runs off in excitement, Weiss is left alone. At first, Weiss maintains her annoyed attitude, but she quickly becomes nervous after she hears rustling in the bushes around her. She soon finds that the source of the noise is a Beowolf.


The opening ends to an overhead view of Emerald Forest, where a black bird is flying slowly and magnificently, right up to the moment it gives a final shriek and Ruby crashes through it in a burst of feathers as she plummets downward.

Ruby: Birdie, no!

Ruby fires off a few rounds from Crescent Rose to slow her down, then turns the weapon into its scythe form to catch the branch of a tree in her blade and fall downward at a slower pace.

Weiss, armed with Myrtenaster, summons a white snowflake circle under her and leaps off of it to the forest below.

Ren descends (with Nora Valkyrie briefly being seen next to him at a faster speed) and spins in the air, eventually using StormFlower's blades to spiral around the trunk of a large tree and hit the ground, brushing off his clothes before looking up to see...

Yang: Woo-hoo! Yeah! Alley-oop!

Yang, soaring right over the treetops, is using her gauntlets and its fiery force to push her through the air further and further north, spinning and laughing with each blast, even when she crashes through the leaves of a tree and leaps off two trunks to tumble to the ground.

Yang: Nailed it! (runs off)

Pyrrha, her weapon in sword form and armed with a shield, crashes through several trees and rolls on a branch, immediately shifting her blade into a rifle and looking through the scope at Jaune as he continues to scream and fall helplessly. Pyrrha coolly transforms her weapon again to its spear form, takes a moment to evaluate her throw, and rockets the javelin deep into the forest until a "THUNK!" is heard.

Jaune: (in the distance) Thank you!

Pyrrha: (waving) I'm sorry!

In the middle of the forest, Ruby lands in a crouch, then darts off with a single mantra in her mind.

Ruby (thinking): Gotta find Yang! Gotta find Yang, gotta find Yang, gotta find... (shouting) Yang! Yaaaang! (internally, now seeing herself partnered with various people) Oh, this is bad, this is really bad... What if I can't find her? What if someone finds her first? Well, there's always Jaune. He's nice. He's funny! ...I don't think he's very good in a fight, though. Ooh! What about Blake?! So mysterious, so calm... Plus she likes books! Then again, I'm not sure I'd be able to hold a conversation with her... Ugh! (shakes her head of daydreams) Okay... Who else do I know in this school? There's Yang, Jaune, Blake, aaaand...

Time seems to slow down as Ruby skids to a halt in front of Weiss as she is turning to face her. She stops just in time for their eyes to meet and a pregnant pause follows. This ends when Weiss turns on her heel and walks the other way.

Ruby: (following her slightly) Wait! Where are you going?! (stops and kicks the ground dejectedly) We're supposed to be teammates...

Weiss is seen struggling through the forest, giving an occasional grunt or "Ow!" as she pushes plants out of her way. She brushes herself off and sighs in relief when she hears a voice above her.

Jaune: (apparently struggling to free himself) Come on, come on! Stupid...!

Weiss sees Jaune hanging a few feet in the air by the spear embedded in his hood and the tree behind him. As he gives up trying to pull it out, he looks down and sees Weiss, giving an embarrassed wave. Weiss simply heads back in the direction she came from and Jaune groans in dejection.

Weiss: (as she passes Ruby and pulls on her hood) By no means does this make us friends.

Ruby: (overjoyed as she's dragged away into the bushes) You came back!

Jaune: (seeing the scene and waving his arms) Wait! Come back! Who's going to get me down from here?!

Pyrrha (below): "Jaune?" (he looks down at his savior) "Do you... have any spots left on your team?"

Jaune: (crossing his arms) Very funny... (he eventually looks down at her and gives a smile, which she returns)

The scene changes to Weiss trudging through the forest, with Ruby back a ways behind her.

Ruby: What's the hurry?

Weiss: I will not let my mission be delayed because you're too slow! I swear, if I get a bad grade because of your— (a smiling Ruby suddenly appears next to her) What the...?

Ruby: I'm not slow, see? You don't have to worry about me!

Weiss: (looking back, slightly amazed) When did...?

Ruby: Weiss, just because I don't exactly know how to deal with people doesn't mean I don't know how to deal with monsters! (gets an arm around a skeptical Weiss' shoulders) You're about to see a whole different side of me today, Weiss, and after it's all over, you're going to be like, "Wow! That Ruby girl is really, really cool... (somewhat mousily) and I wanna be her friend!"

Ruby disappears in a shower of rose petals, which Weiss waves away from her face just as she hears crackling and rustling in the bushes around her.

Weiss: (calling out to Ruby) You may be fast, but you still excel at wasting time! (silence, save more noises) Ruby? (the forest darkens, forcing Weiss to lean in to try and find her new partner as a pair of red eyes are seen glaring behind her) Ruby...?

The camera revolves around Weiss, as multiple pairs of red eyes stare at her from the bushes and a deep growl is heard. She turns around until she spots a large, jagged Beowolf emerging from a bush and approaching her.

Weiss: Ruby!

The Beowolf roars as the scene goes black and the ending credits play.



  • The doodles that appear in Ruby's head were made by Jordan Cwierz, who draws the Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures.
  • According to the DVD commentary, Blake was intentionally not shown landing because they needed to trim the scene. Miles Luna mentions a fan joke that it was because she was a cat Faunus and would "just land on her feet". However, Monty Oum had written out detailed descriptions of everyone's landing strategy.[1]
  • The event of "The First Step, Pt.2" are re-told in Chapter 2 from RWBY: The Official Manga.

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RWBY Episode 5 The First Step, Pt

RWBY Episode 5 The First Step, Pt. 2


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