Whoa... A handmade, heavy mace with titanium flanges! That's gotta hurt.

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The Executioner[1] is Cardin Winchester's weapon of choice.


The Executioner is a large, black mace, with ten flat flanges being extended farther outward than a regular mace would and a red Dust crystal placed at the center, kept in place by four claws. It also has a button above the hilt, suggesting this activates the Dust function.

Cardin is capable of wielding it one-handed, suggesting either high strength on Cardin's part, or that the Executioner is relatively lightweight. When he fights, he uses the Executioner in combination with his own impressive strength, not relying solely on his weapon.

In "Jaunedice", Cardin effortlessly disarms Jaune Arc of his shield during their practice match. He then uses the shaft of the Executioner to block Jaune's attack before hitting Jaune hard with his knee, downing him and effectively ending the fight. In "Forever Fall, Pt.2", Cardin attempted to defend himself against an Ursa Major using his mace but was disarmed with a single swipe from the Grimm.

In "Extracurricular", the Executioner is shown to be able to discharge explosive blasts, even being able to fire off a series of explosions in quick succession all along the same line in certain situations, going towards in whatever direction it is currently aimed at that time.

In "Heroes and Monsters" Cardin uses The Executioner to knockout an Ursa Minor with one swing.


  • The fire Dust crystal in the Executioner keeps to the theme of his character allusion to Henry Beaufort as it was his success at trial that condemned Joan of Arc to be burned at the stake.
  • The name is a reference to Henry Beaufort overseeing the execution of Joan of Arc.
  • In the RWBY manga, Ruby notes that the Executioner is made of titanium, channels Aura through the tips, and can break through a Death Stalker's carapace.



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