Episode 6 - "The Emerald Forest"

  1. Model - At 1:28, after Yang Xiao Long becomes enraged, her eyes turn red. However at 1:33, when rushing towards the enemy, her irises are seen back at their natural color, yet they revert to her rage red irises when actually attacking the enemy from 1:34.
  2. Dialogue - While coaching herself, Weiss Schnee thinks "Right foot forward", but puts her left foot forward instead. (This may be because she was taught right-handed, but she is left-handed, so all of her moves would be reversed.)
  3. Model - At 2:21 as Weiss realizes Ruby is on her striking path, she is carrying a second Myrtenaster on her hip.
  4. Rendering - As Ruby Rose impacts Weiss after being struck back by the Beowolf, you can see a rendering cube in Weiss' right hand.
  5. Model - At 3:53, Jaune Arc gets hit by a branch which leaves a scratch, but if you look closely, it can be noticed that the scratch is already present before being hit.
  6. Model - At 6:15, Miló's lower half is dark, while the top half is bright.
  7. Model - The King Taijitu's black head is still attached even though Lie Ren blew it off moments earlier.

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