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The Disciplinarian[1] is Glynda Goodwitch's weapon of choice.


The Disciplinarian is a thin, black riding crop with a simple black and purple design on the handle. Glynda first uses this weapon during her fight with Cinder Fall in "Ruby Rose".

She can generate a wide variety of techniques through the use of Dust, including weather manipulation and object manipulation. It also is shown being used to create an energy shield to protect Ruby Rose from the explosion of a Dust crystal. She also often uses The Disciplinarian as a means of focusing her telekinesis for pinpoint object manipulation via her Semblance.

Glynda has shown a tendency to use The Disciplinarian in non-combat situations as a means of showing emphasis; for example, slapping tables in front of suspects to shock them.

When not in use, The Disciplinarian collapses down to about a third of its normal length and is stored on a holster at the top of Glynda's right boot.

Trivia Edit

  • In Amity Arena, Glynda's Valentine outfit paints the long, flexible part gold and replaces the hard end with a ruby.



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