Why did they destroy us? Or why did they leave me to tell the tale? I've spent most of my life turning that question over and over in my mind, and I believe the answer is the same: So that everyone would know the folly of placing their hopes and faith in one man. Not even a very good one.
—The Circle's most loyal follower

The Circle[1] was a group that worshiped Ozma as "The Infinite Man". They traveled the land helping those in need and teaching how to master the usage of Aura and Semblance. They were eventually wiped out by a band of warriors, leaving only one alive.


After being allowed rest in a town for defending villagers from the Creatures of Grimm, Ozma was questioned by the townsfolk about his powerful abilities which a young girl deemed to be Magic. Ozma confirmed his own magical powers and immortality to the group, likening it as a never-ending circle of life and death. That night, Ozma tried to sneak away from their town to avoid being made a deity, likely due to his previous failures, but was followed by the girl and other townsfolk, who pledged their allegiance to Ozma as apprentices.

The group would travel throughout Remnant aiding those in peril, with word traveled fast about its existence and more people wishing to join. The collective began the call themselves The Circle, in reference to Ozma's immortality to his dismay, as they readied for threats greater than the Grimm by mastering Aura and Semblances. During this time, the girl would grow a close and intimate friendship with Ozma.

At one point, The Circle was betrayed by one of their members, who poisoned the Infinite Man and escaped in order to discover if he was truly immortal. In his deathbed, Ozma told the young girl who inspired The Circle to follow the Infinite Man to let him die, as he was "just a man, and not even a very good one," a phrase which he would repeat often.

Following his death, Ozma would later return in a new body, finding that the young girl was now a middle-aged woman and that The Circle had expanded even further, having settled and formed a town also referred to as Circle. The group would send people to help others and bring back new followers, to create gods amongst men by training their abilities. The Infinite Man was convinced to stay by the woman, which would later prove to be a mistake.

For a time, there was peace in Circle, and more people flocked into the group as they heard the stories of the immortal man. Eventually, Circle was invaded by a group of warriors who attacked the settlement. A warrior stepped forward to face the immortal man, brandishing a pair of swords with Lightning and Gravity Dust, wishing to finally face a god. There, Ozma told her that gods are much more fallible than she realized, but the warrior insisted that he had no choice in fighting her. During their clash, he asked the warrior if somebody had sent her to kill him, which she doesn't answer. Ozma realizes that the fight could continue for a long time and lead to collateral damage, and makes the mistake of choosing to die.

Decades later, Ozma, reincarnated once more, found that The Circle had all been killed except for his close friend, who was now missing an arm and an eye. Not recognizing Ozma, the woman explained that everyone else was slaughtered, and she laments that she was spared to show the world the folly of placing all their hopes into one man, now disillusioned into thinking he was not a good man. Ozma knew that if she asked who he was, he would not be able to lie to her, as painful as the truth would be. But she didn’t, and that hurt him even more. The woman turned to walk away, and he let her go, ending The Circle.



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  • The Circle serves as the inspiration for Ozpin's Group, which may also carry the same name as Qrow Branwen refers to the group as his "Inner Circle".
    • The Circle itself could also serve as a precursor to the Huntsman Academies as well, as the Circle's mission of helping others by honing their skills and abilities, training those who go to them in the usage of their Aura and Semblances and how to fight off the Grimm, is the same purpose of the Academies.
  • The death of The Circle makes parallels to the Fall of Beacon, particularly Ozpin's fight with Cinder Fall, where an incarnation of Ozma is once again killed by a duel-wielding warrior.

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