Episode 9 - "The Badge and The Burden"Edit

  1. Model - At 0:59 a stack of papers is seen on the right side of the table, a lamp is on the shelf, there is a bed behind Yang Xiao Long, and there are no left shelves. However, in the next scene, the stack papers disappear, the lamp is now on the right side of the table, the bed is gone, and the left shelves appear.
  2. Model - At 1:42 the curtains are clearly repaired and back up, then at 1:49 they disappear, before reappearing once more at 2:20.
  3. Model - The door of Team RWBY's dorm room is shown opening outward, but when the scene shifts to the hallway outside, the door is shown opening inward.
  4. Model - During the scene where the girls are leaving for class, Ruby Rose's head is longer whilst she sticks her head out the door, then changes back to normal after she runs out.
  5. Model - At 3:12 Team RWBY are seen in their primary attire, with Blake Belladonna and Yang's weapons also being clearly visible, as seen in previous episodes. However, a few seconds later they are seen with the school uniform attire. (This was later fixed on the YouTube version of the episode.)

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