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The Teryx[1] is a Creature of Grimm that takes the appearance of a raptor-like dinosaur with pterosaur wings. It first appears in "As Above, So Below" in Volume 7.


Teryxes are large raptor-like Grimm resembling the now-extinct family of the Dromaeosaurid dinosaurs. They possess large, translucent red wings with visible veins. Teryxes have bone-like spines on their necks and tails, resembling feather quills. Their black skin appears to be somewhat frozen and has white patches, most likely due to the fact that they inhabit the cold tundras of Solitas. Their feet have raptor-like hooked claws.

Teryxes vary in size, the smallest of which being roughly the size of a Manta gunship.


After Arthur Watts turned down the heating system in Mantle, the people of the city panicked, leading to riots against Atlas. This drew in the Grimm, including the Teryxes, who began flying towards the city.

When Ruby's Group and the Ace Operatives fly down to Mantle to help the civilians, a pair of Teryxes attacked their airship, one of which is knocked down by debris. The pair forced the groups to leap off their ship, into the city below.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Teryxes are large Grimm capable of flight, they are seen clawing and biting at their enemies, and have strong enough claws to rip through the hull of a Manta gunship with ease.


  • During production, CRWBY referred to the Teryxes as "Terry"[2] and "Lil' Terry". [3]
  • The original name for the Teryx during production was stated to be "Pterroryx", only it was changed due to sounding too much like the word "terrorists" when said out loud.[4]
  • The Teryx's first appearance is a callback to Jurassic Park.[5]


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