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Family[edit | edit source]

Saphron Cotta-Arc[edit | edit source]

Saphron is Terra's wife. She and Saphron get along very well and have a healthy marriage. In "Our Way", Terra is seen looking for her wife and son in the crowd until she reunited with them. The three then witness a Leviathan approaching Argus.

Adrian Cotta-Arc[edit | edit source]

Adrian is Terra's son. She loves and cares for him very much.

Team RWBY[edit | edit source]

Ruby Rose[edit | edit source]

Terra was more than happy to allow Ruby and her friends to stay over at her house as thanks for all the work she and her fellow huntresses and huntsmen do for people.

When Ruby's broadcast went out the whole of Remnant, she and Saphron exchanged looks of horror at the knowledge of what the younger girl and her team were facing.

Blake Belladonna[edit | edit source]

There has not been much interaction between them, but she gives Blake the coordinates to the Argus radar tower and tells her that their conversation never happens, as she does not want to be held responsible for Blake and the others stealing an airship.

Team JNPR[edit | edit source]

Jaune Arc[edit | edit source]

Jaune is Terra's brother-in-law. There has not been much interaction between them, but she decides to help her wife's brother and his friends to steal a airship to get to Atlas.

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