Volume 6Edit

The Grimm ReaperEdit

Why, hello there! Wow, quite a party, you weren't kidding. Hun, can I get some help please?
—Terra, to Saphron Cotta-Arc
You all risk so much to keep people like us safe. It's the least we can do. Especially for such an elite Huntsman like yourself. Although, I will say I was surprised to learn you had students helping you. Is that even... legal?
—Terra, to Qrow Branwen

Stealing from the ElderlyEdit

Okay, remember: one, the radar box is separate from the rest of the communications equipment. So if you disconnect it properly, it won't take out comms for the rest of the city. Two, this conversation never happened.
—Terra, to Blake Belladonna about the plan

About TerraEdit

Oh, yeah, it will be. Terra's a technician for the town's relay tower. Unfortunately, the military's radar system is also housed there. Guess what's been on the fritz lately and who's getting falsely blamed.
—Saphron, mentioning Terra's job to everyone

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