Terra Cotta-Arc is a character in RWBY. She is Saphron Cotta-Arc's wife and the two of them have a son named Adrian Cotta-Arc. She first appeared in the episode "The Grimm Reaper" of Volume 6.


Terra is a young woman with short dark brown hair and eyes. She has a single smooth bang that goes down her forehead and in between her eyes. She wears a dark navy collar shirt with a light-blue cardigan, dark-gray jeans and red sneakers. She also wears red glasses and a wedding ring.


Terra appears to be a hard-working, serious and kind person. She loves her family greatly, even though she rarely comes home due to her work.


Terra arrives at her home with groceries after Saphron told her they had more guests than Jaune Arc, Lie Ren and Nora Valkyrie. She takes care of Adrian for a short while until she gets a call from her work about the Argus relay tower. Saphron explains that people falsely blame Terra for the Atlesian Military's technical troubles at the tower.

After Oscar Pine goes missing, everyone meets back at the house with Terra greatly distressed that Qrow Branwen is left on the front stairs completely drunk. Soon afterwards, they find Oscar back at the house cooking dinner for the entire group. Terra then gives Adrian to Maria Calavera as she and Saphron go to the kitchen to save Oscar's casserole.

Before the heroes execute their mission to steal an Atlas airship, she briefs Blake on how to properly shut down the military base's communication. Blake says it is not the first time she has disabled Atlesian security measures, and Terra reiterates that their conversation never happened.

Terra, Saphron and Adrian watch with civilians as a Leviathan emerges from the deep. They stay outside and cheer as a blinding flash of light petrifies the giant beast.

After the Leviatan's attack on Argus, Terra, Saphron, and Adrian watch Ruby Rose's broadcast about Salem attacking Atlas.

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  • The name "Terra" means "Earth", bringing blues, greens, whites and browns to mind.
  • Terra Cotta comes from terracotta, a type of ceramic. It also means "cooked earth" in Latin.
  • Arc may come from the French word arc-en-ciel, meaning "rainbow".
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