Any loose Grimm is unsafe... But this is one you definitely don't want just roaming around!

The Tentacle Grimm (unofficial) was a possession-type Creature of Grimm that first appeared in the manga.


In its base state, the Tentacle Grimm appeared as a small skull-like creature, with three pairs of eyes, a pair of horns and several tentacles. The tentacles could extend longer than usual, possibly to grab targets. Like many Grimm it had markings on its skull.

Powers and Abilities

The Tentacle Grimm did not appear to be particularly powerful by itself and relied mostly on sneak attacks. It could use its tentacles to strike at its targets.

In Chapter 11 of the manga, it merged a group of four King Taijitus into one large, eight-headed snake. This fusion made the King Taijitus faster and stronger. The ability to merge Grimm led Weiss Schnee to conclude that it was a possession-type Grimm. Unlike Geists, it was able to possess organic matter.


A Tentacle Grimm was first seen in Chapter 10, as it briefly attacks Roman Torchwick. When Roman notices the Grimm, he shoots it with his weapon, causing it to flee.

It then appeared in Chapter 11 observing Team JNPR fighting four King Taijitu. It is briefly spotted by Jaune Arc before fusing with the four serpent Grimm, merging them into one large creature. In Chapter 12, Team RWBY arrives, and Jaune tells RWBY and his teammates about the Tentacle Grimm. In Chapter 13, they come to the conclusion that the Tentacle Grimm is the weak point and devise a plan to distract the King Taijitu heads so one of them can attack it. In Chapter 14, Weiss increases the muzzle velocity of Crescent Rose, allowing it to fire a bullet that pierces the Tentacle Grimm's mask. The King Taijitus begin crying out and squirming, as if in pain, and Teams RWBY and JNPR are able to slay them.

In RWBY x Justice League #4, a Tentacle Grimm appears in a horde of possessed Grimm and people controlled by Starro, attacking Team RWBY and the Justice League using its tentacles.


RWBY (2015)

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  • The eight-headed creature that the Tentacle Grimm created by fusing the King Taijitus is a reference to Yamata no Orochi from Japanese mythology.
    • Blake Belladonna takes this reference further by mentioning a story about a sword that is found within an eight-headed snake. The sword that she is referring to is the Kusanagi no Tsurugi, which was found in Orochi's tail.

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