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Tempests[1] are large jellyfish-like Creatures of Grimm that can float in the air. They were used by Salem to guard Monstra and first appeared in "Divide".


Resembling the Seers, Tempests have small, bell-shaped medusa bodies with long spines pointed downwards encircling the base. They are shown to have twelve large red tentacles. The Grimm can float in the air.

These Grimm are enormous, as seen in "Midnight", when two of them flank Monstra and are shown to be as tall as the living-mobile base. They create the storm-like clouds surrounding Monstra. Tempests are each a third of the size of Monstra.[2]

Powers and Abilities

Tempests are able to generate electrical currents that form storms in the air and are powerful enough to single-handedly destroy Atlesian Airships. Similarly, they can levitate in the air without any wings, like the Seer.


The Grimm are shown to surround Monstra, watching the surrounding alongside Seers. They protect Monstra by creating storms around it.[3]

Later the Tempests would actively participate in the Battle of Atlas and attack and destroy the Airships of the Atlesian Fleet.

In "Dark", a Tempest destroys an Atlesian Airship by snapping it in two.


  • A tempest is a violent storm. It is also a famous play by William Shakespeare.
  • Concept art shows a Tempest charging up with red electricity. This is likely how it forms storms.


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