...some of the toughest, testosterone-filled teammates we've seen so far! I'm of course talking about... Team SSSN!

Team SSSN (pronounced "Sun")[1] is a team of students from Haven Academy in Mistral. The team is composed of Sun Wukong, Scarlet David, Sage Ayana, Neptune Vasilias and, unofficially, Nolan Porfirio.

After the Fall of Beacon, Sun left his team to follow Blake Belladonna. It is unknown if the team was active without him though the other team members did return to Haven Academy and turned Sun's room into a game room.

After the Battle of Haven, Sun and his team decided to transfer to Shade Academy in Vacuo, where they help Team CFVY hunt the Crown. With Headmaster Theodore confirmed eight new arrivals being ABRN and SSSN from Haven.

Coco Adel finds Team SSSN to be a mediocre team of Huntsmen, primarily in fault due to Sun Wukong's lack thereof leadership to serve as a glue between them, unlike Team CFVY which is a unified group.[2]

After the events of RWBY: Before the Dawn, Nolan Porfirio becomes a de facto fifth member of Team SSSN, making it "Team SSSNN" as Scarlet and Nolan start a budding relationship.[3]



Sun Mug.png
Sun Wukong is the leader of Team SSSN.[4]
Scarlet V3 Thumb.PNG
Scarlet David is a member of Team SSSN.
Sage V3 Thumb.png
Sage Ayana is a member of Team SSSN.
Neptune Mug.png
Neptune Vasilias is a member of Team SSSN.




  • Scarlet, Sage and Neptune are all known to take design cues from members of the K-pop boy band Big Bang, specifically G-Dragon, Taeyang and T.O.P.[5][6][7]
  • Team SSSN was planned very early on, even before Team JNPR.[8]
  • Before Sage and Scarlet make full appearances, SSSN can briefly be seen after Pyrrha and Mercury's fight in "Extracurricular", just before Sun breaks off to join Team RWBY. Sage and Scarlet make their first full appearances in "New Challengers...".
  • Just like the other significant characters in the series, each of the members of team SSSN is based on characters or people from classic tales.
    • Sun Wukong is based on the monkey king, Sun Wukong, from the classical Chinese novel Journey to the West.
    • Scarlet David is based on the character Peter Pan from Peter Pan in Scarlet, the official sequel to the original Peter Pan.[9]
    • Though it is unknown which specific character was the inspiration for Sage Ayana, it is known that the character was from one of Aesop's fables.[9]
    • Neptune Vasilias was based on Neptune, the Roman god of the sea. However, in contrast to his origins, Neptune is scared of water, which is ironic.


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