Team NDGO of Shade is certainly a crowd favorite...

Team NDGO (pronounced "Indigo") is an all-female team from Shade Academy of Vacuo. They were first seen fighting Team SSSN in the Vytal Festival Tournament in "New Challengers...". Peter Port called them a crowd favorite. They lost the battle despite eliminating two members of Team SSSN.

When the Battle of Beacon took place, Team NDGO ran away from Vale, fleeing back home rather than helping defend the people and school.[1]


Nebula Violette is the leader of Team NDGO
Dew Gayl is a member of Team NDGO
Gwen Darcy is a member of Team NDGO
Octavia Ember is a member of Team NDGO


  • Team NDGO was created by a group of fans who backed Rooster Teeth's Lazer Team Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. Grace Bono, Paige Campbell, Claire Hogan, and Mylissa Zelechowski voiced their characters and are also listed as "Team NDGO Character Consultant" in the credits of the episode. Kim Newman and Kate Warner provided additional spoken lines for the characters Nebula and Dew. [2]
    • The name "NDGO" thus has dual meanings, alongside it being derived from the color indigo, it is also a play off of "Indiegogo".
  • Team NDGO were written as bullies in RWBY: Before the Dawn to both avoid outright making another new team and to show how the Fall of Beacon had affected those who participated in the fall of Beacon.[3]


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