Wow! That was amazing!
—Neon after the fight

"Team JNR and Oscar vs. Team FNKI" is a battle that occurred in "Sparks."

Preceding EventsEdit

After being granted their Huntsmen license by James Ironwood, Team RWBY and Team JNR undergo several missions to ensure the successful launch of Amity Communications Tower, as well as training missions in-between to hone their skills, Aura and Semblances. One of such missions being a sparring match between Team JNR and Oscar against Team FNKI.

The FightEdit

The viewer is launched into the middle of the fight, Jaune Arc getting backed through a wall while defending against Flynt Coal's Killer Quartet. Neon Katt rushes past, her taunting strategy appearing to have worked on Nora Valkyrie, who smashes through pillars of blocks in pursuit.

One of these pillars is left standing, currently being used as cover by Lie Ren, taking an opportunity to fire at Ivori, who effortlessly blocks the shots with his whip. Neon hops over Ren while freezing his weapons, teasing Nora about the two's relationship, as the ginger angrily hops onto Magnhild in attempt to catch up.

Doing so, she passes between Oscar Pine and Kobalt, the latter brushing off the former's attack and lifting the farm boy by his head. Oscar manages to free himself from the giant's grasp though, and flips backwards away from Kobalt, as General Ironwood looks on with a smile.

The scene cuts forward, and JNR as well as Oscar seem to have gotten the upper hand, Flynt being launched back into the wall and losing grip of his trumpet. As the camera moves into the middle of the battlefield, Kobalt is seen being thrown from one corner to another. Neon appears to have escaped Nora's efforts, and ends up in the middle of the arena, planning her next route. However, the first potential exit is blocked by Jaune, and turning around reveals that the next two options have been covered by Ren and Oscar respectively.

Assuming to have found an opening, Neon prepares to dash off once more, but before she can do so, a scream can be heard building, prompting the catgirl to turn around towards the noise, as an enraged Nora leaps over the wall, bringing the hammer down right onto Neon's face, securing a victory.

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