This crazy girl just showed up and attacked me.
—Oscar, to Team JNR about Neo

"Team JNR and Oscar vs. Neo" is a battle that occurred in "The Enemy of Trust" where Team JNR and Oscar Pine fights Neopolitan over control of the Relic of Knowledge while being pursued by Atlas authorities.

Preceding EventsEdit

Cinder Fall sends Neo to steal Jinn's lamp from Oscar. She approaches Oscar as a different person before attacking him and stealing the relic in the process. Meanwhile, Team JNR are recalled by General Ironwood and go to pick up Oscar, only to find him missing from his room which shows signs of a fight. Neo disguised as Oscar goes to approach them but is punched by the real Oscar breaking the illusion and dropping the relic.

During this, unbeknownst to Team JNR and Oscar, Ironwood, who has fully snapped from his paranoia, has issued a warrant for their arrest and deployed several Atlas Soldiers to find and arrest them.

The FightEdit

Jaune tells Neo to give up, citing the fact that she is outnumbered four to one. Neo points Hush downwards and makes clear she has no intention of backing down, and the fight begins.

Nora launches two grenades at Neo, who opens her parasol to block both shots as Ren fires Stormflower. Neo once again uses Hush as a shield and runs up the wall before doing a flip off of it and closing the parasol to strike down on Ren who pushes her off with enough force to throw her back into the air. Neo opens Hush, points it at the ground and pushes off again, using the umbrella to slow her fall. Nora charges with Magnhild, and Neo bends down before sweeping her parasol upwards into Nora from behind, throwing her into a wall while winking.

Ren takes two shots with Stormflower's grappling hooks which Neo blocks, and the projectiles lodge into the wall behind her. Ren retracts the cables to pull himself forwards to kick Neo, who feigns surprise before going into the splits to duck and using Hush's handle to pull one of the cables, propelling him into the wall.

Oscar charges Neo, who tries to stab at him, though he hooks his arm around hers to flip the girl, who uses the momentum to in turn flip Oscar into the air and separate him from the Relic. Neo tries to slip Hush's blade through the lamp's ring, but Oscar uses The Long Memory to do so first and blocks the umbrella. Neo makes multiple strikes which Oscar blocks as she grins and swings Hush, though Jaune steps in front and activates the Gravity Dust function of his shield, blowing Neo backwards as she makes contact, however she opens her parasol and lands smoothly.

The team rallies together and as Neo prepares to face them, Oscar grabs her legs, restraining the girl for Ren to attack. Unfortunately, as Ren strikes, Neo's form shatters, having been an illusion. Bewildered, Jaune checks down the hall, only to be discovered by a group of Atlesian soldiers who chase them.

JNR and Oscar rush down the halls, though Oscar lags behind, becoming tired. They repeatedly change directions as they try to evade the soldiers and eventually Oscar loses the team. He looks around, calling for his companions as a hand covers his mouth and pulls him into a room while a group of soldiers run by. He is relieved as it appears to be Nora, however he falls backwards as she takes out Hush to stab him- revealing herself to be Neo- and as she blinks, her eyes change to their normal colors. Oscar bends backward, barely dodging her and realizes with horror Neo has the Relic. The woman spins around back and slams Oscar into a wall before taking off as he cries out.

Jaune appears in the hall, shouting for Oscar before turning around to see Neo as Nora charging at him with Hush. She tries to strike him in the back with the blade of her weapon, though Jaune swats her arm away. Neo jumps into the air and lands in front of Jaune before using Crocea Mors' shield as a springboard to launch herself forward while simultaneously shoving Jaune into the ground. She continues down the hall and runs into Ren who shoots at her, which Neo once again blocks with Hush's canopy and runs forward without faltering. Ren ceases this tactic and leaps into the air to deliver a melee strike, but sees Neo looking up at him sadly with Nora's eyes, causing him to hesitate. Neo uses the opportunity to hit Ren in the face with the handle of her umbrella before hooking it around one of his legs and knocking him down. She then proceeds to sprint away.


The team recovers and chases after Neo. However, they round the corner and discover a group of soldiers instead. Jaune gives the order to fall back and the team retreats. Nora looks back and notices Ren crying as they flee. Neo, under the guise of a female officer, watches everyone run off before turning down another hallway and smirking, having completed her mission with the Relic now in her possession.

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