Team FNKI[1] (pronounced "Funky") is a team of students originally from Atlas Academy. The team comprises Flynt Coal and Neon Katt, as well as Kobalt and Ivori.

The team was seen attending the 40th Vytal Festival Tournament, fighting against Yang Xiao Long and Weiss Schnee of Team RWBY in the doubles round. They were defeated by the two in "Never Miss a Beat".

Flynt and Neon later helped fight against the Grimm invasion of Vale alongside many other student teams in "Battle of Beacon".

The whole team was seen battling Jaune Arc, Nora Valkyrie, Oscar Pine and Lie Ren in the training room of Atlas Academy in "Sparks". In "Witch", the team fought as soldiers with the Atlas Military on the frontline helping to hold the Grimm back under the command of Winter Schnee.

Following the destruction of Atlas, their current status is unknown.


Flynt V3 Thumb.PNG
Flynt Coal is the leader of Team FNKI.
Neon V3 Thumb.PNG
Neon Katt is a member of Team FNKI.
Kobalt is a member of Team FNKI.
Ivori is a member of Team FNKI.


  • "Funky" may evoke multiple colors associated with disco music. However, they are the only team so far that does not imply a specific color.
  • The idea of Team FNKI has been around since Volume 1. According to Kerry Shawcross, the idea behind them came about during a late night conversation between animator Austin Hardwick, concept artist Patrick Rodriguez and series creator Monty Oum.[2]
  • The writers originally wanted to show more of Team FNKI's role in the Battle of Atlas, but their screen time had to be limited to focus on the fight with Salem in "Witch" and other elements much more relevant to the plot.[3]
  • The members of Team FNKI are inspired by various internet memes.
    • Flynt is a reference to Flynt Coal, a running joke and fictional character created by the Achievement Hunters during their Let's Play Minecraft series. His name is derived from the Achievement Hunters repeatedly getting confused between the game items "Flint" and "Coal".
    • Neon is a reference to rave parties, as well as the internet sensation, Nyan Cat.
    • Kobalt wears black and blue and Ivori is clad in white and gold, referencing an infamous dress that was in the former color scheme but was perceived by some to be colored the other way.


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