Team CRDL (pronounced "Cardinal") is a team of students from Beacon Academy. The team was first seen in the episode "Players and Pieces". During the initiation, the team brought back the black bishop relics.

Beginning in "Jaunedice", at least two of the members appear to be bullies, with Cardin Winchester picking on Jaune Arc. Meanwhile, Russel Thrush is seen calling Velvet Scarlatina a freak, while Sky Lark and Dove Bronzewing simply laugh at Velvet.

The first battle with all four members together takes place in "Extracurricular" against Pyrrha Nikos, who soundly defeats them all. The team later competed in the Vytal Festival Tournament, winning their first-round match and sending Sky Lark and Russel Thrush to the doubles round where they were easily defeated by Penny Polendina and Ciel Soleil.


Vol1 Cardin Thumb
Cardin Winchester is the leader of Team CRDL.
Vol1 Russel Thumb
Russel Thrush is a member of Team CRDL.
Vol1 Dove Thumb
Dove Bronzewing is a member of Team CRDL.
Vol1 Lark Thumb
Sky Lark is a member of Team CRDL.


  • Team CRDL can be seen as a foil for Team RWBY. Unlike Team RWBY in which each member is female, Team CRDL is composed entirely of males. Additionally, unlike Team RWBY, who get along with most of the students in the academy, Team CRDL has a habit of antagonizing other students such as Velvet.
  • The team seems to have a bird motif, similar to Team RWBY's fairytale motif and Team JNPR's motif of mytho-historical figures who disguised themselves as the opposite gender. Each member's name is synonymous with or similar to the name of a bird.
    • Furthermore, the birds lend credence to the possibility this group shares a heraldic motif. While the cardinal is an obvious allusion to the religious station of the same name, the others (Thrush, Lark, Dove) are figures which were typically used on heraldic shields.
  • As revealed during "Forever Fall", each member of the team has eyes which are all a shade of blue.
    • Sky and Russel's eyes changed from blue to brown in Volume 2.
  • The team also appears to possess a medieval or knight theme as each member uses weapons that bare a striking similarity to many medieval weapons.
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