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Talaria[1] are the weapons of choice wielded by Mercury Black.


Talaria appears to be a large pair of boots with firing mechanisms built into them, similar to Ember Celica wielded by Yang Xiao Long.

In "Lessons Learned", Mercury's boots are shown to be able to fire a variety of different projectiles. Some of the projectiles are shown to have guided or target-seeking properties, taking spiraling paths towards their target. By using a fighting style akin to break-dancing or Capoeira, Mercury can fire a veritable storm of these projectiles that can overwhelm an enemy with sheer volume. Some projectiles can also create a smoke or steam effect that can be used to distract or damage enemies.

Mercury also uses the boots to absorb or block a very powerful blow from Yatsuhashi Daichi's sword Fulcrum with very little damage. He can also use the boots to jump in midair.

Mercury firing a blast from his prosthetic legs

"Beginning of the End" reveals that Mercury actually has prosthetic legs. In one scene, his prosthetics are shown capable of firing projectiles like his boots, despite the fact that no ammunition or barrels are visible on the prosthetics. It appears that his prosthetics are responsible for the air blasts that he fires, while his boots are responsible for the bullets he fires.

During the assault on Atlas, Mercury has included sharp, metal wings to Talaria.

Talaria emits the faint sound of servos when Mercury walks.[2]


  • Talaria are the winged sandals characteristically worn by the Greek god, Hermes, or the Roman god, Mercury.
    • This is referenced in his Atlas outfit, which includes sharp metal wings in his boots.