Season 1Edit

Big VacationEdit

Sun's out with his guns out!
—Sun, excite about the beach
We have an eye-witness linking you to the scene of the crime!
—Sun, to Nora about the eye-witness about the incident

Neptune's PhobiaEdit

Dude, you gotta get over this.
—Sun, to Neptune about his phobia of water

Bike RaceEdit

Right? I mean what's he gonna do when they graduate? Set them on fire?!
—Sun, to the audiences
How about you start being funny!
—Sun, to Yang

Evil PlansEdit

Let me show you how a real man handles this.
—Sun, to Ruby as he about to open a pickle jar

Cinder Who?Edit

We don't notify students when we're trying to bust 'em.
—Sun, to Cinder

The One with a Laugh TrackEdit

You know, I got two tickets to the gun show if you want to join me on the dance floor.
—Sun, asking Blake on a date

Season 2Edit

Geist BusterEdit

I dunno man, really just gotta use that elbow grease.
—Sun, to Neptune

Magic ShowEdit

Pretty cheap, dude.
—Sun, to Jaune about the magic trick he pulled

Dad JokesEdit

It's much more fun than the game itself.
—Sun, to Ren
Yang! Quit screwing around! This could be something serious, like indigestion. Why do you do this?!
—Sun, to Yang about her puns
I have to, uh. I was gonna, er. My thing was. Ah, forget it.
—Sun, unable to come up a better excuse to leave before he jumps out the window

Movie NightEdit

I play by my own rules!
—Sun, played as a detective in an action film

Parent Teacher ConferenceEdit

Oh man! What is that! Are you gonna pull out your eyeball? Is that normal? Is that what all girls do?
—Sun, to Blake about the beauty product that girls uses for

Neptune NoirEdit

Forget it, dude. It's Chibitown.
—Sun, to Neptune

The Mystery BunchEdit

It's true what they say, you never forget how to roller skate.
—Sun, to everyone
Uh, duh, my tail helps me balance! It's pretty much the best thing about me; other than my abs. And charm. And natural Beau-keeeeh
—Sun, explain the concept about how he retain balance until his tail get ran over by Ruby by accident
Dude, focus! I just found out someone else has been solving mysteries in town.
—Sun, to Neptune about someone been solving cases than them
I dunno, dude, just keep eating dog food until we get on their level.
—Sun, to Neptune while eating dog snacks

The FixerEdit

Right, it takes way more than a mustache to solve cases.
—Sun, to Pyrrha and Nora

Monsters of RockEdit

I know partner, but the junior police chief says it's good for PR.
—Sun, to Neptune

Season 3Edit

Mysterious Red ButtonEdit

Hey look! A mysterious red button that we don't know what it does or anything about it! LET'S PUSH IT!
—Sun, to Neptune about the mysterious button
Come on! What's the worst that could happen?
—Sun, to Neptune

Cousins of ChaosEdit

Cousins of Chaos, dismount!
—Sun, to Neptune and Ren
Pffft, only bad boys can join the Cousins of Chaos. You gotta prove you're a rebel, like us! Cousins, sound off!
—Sun, to Jaune
Rebel move! Nice! Alright Cousins of Chaos, let's ride!
—Sun, to Jaune

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