Summer has yet to have a spoken line.

About SummerEdit

Thus Kindly I Scatter
—Summer's epitaph
Her name was Summer Rose, and she was like... Super-Mom: Baker of cookies and slayer of giant monsters. And then... one day she left for a mission and never came back.
Yang Xiao Long, telling Blake Belladonna about her childhood in "Burning the Candle"
You sound just like your mother.
Raven Branwen, after Ruby Rose attempts to convince her that the fight against Salem is not lost in "The More the Merrier"
Your mom, Summer, would be proud of you.
Qrow Branwen, to Ruby after she became the full-fledged Huntress in "Pomp and Circumstance"
There were a lot of those back in our day. But this one was a Summer secret. When she didn’t come back, Ozpin seemed just as in the dark as myself and your father.
—Qrow, to Ruby about her mother's disappearance
She was always the best of us. Bit of a brat, though. But hey, I like brats.
—Qrow, to Ruby about Summer
Your mother said those words to me.
—Salem, to Ruby about Summer in "Gravity"
She was wrong, too.
—Salem, to Ruby about Summer

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