Beacon AcademyEdit

Summer was previously a student of Beacon. She graduated from the school with Team STRQ.

Team STRQEdit

Summer was the leader of Team STRQ.


Ruby RoseEdit

Ruby is Summer's daughter. Ruby states in "Ruby Rose" that her parents taught her to always help others, referring to Summer and Taiyang. According to Yang, Ruby was also devastated by the loss of Summer, but she may have been too young at the time to fully comprehend the situation.

Ruby still routinely visits Summer's Gravestone, doing so in the "Red" Trailer, in "Round One" and in "End of the Beginning". Ruby apparently finds solace in speaking to her mother, updating her on the events of her life and her feelings, and evidently lamenting her absence.

In "Our Way", Summer appeared during Ruby's flashback.

Yang Xiao LongEdit

Summer is Yang's stepmother, and until after her death, Yang was evidently unaware of the fact Summer was not her biological mother. Yang spoke highly of Summer, referring to her as a sort of "super-mom" for herself and Ruby.

Team STRQEdit

Taiyang Xiao LongEdit

Following the disappearance of Raven Branwen, Summer entered into a relationship with Taiyang that resulted in a child - Ruby. She also acted as a mother figure for Yang. It is not clear if the two were actually married, though the fact that they lived together and raised Ruby and Yang in their early years implies that they were. After Summer's death, Yang said that Taiyang "shut down", devastated by the loss, showing that he and Summer were extremely close and that he greatly loved her.

Raven BranwenEdit

It is unclear what relationship the two had between each other, but both were teammates along with Qrow and Taiyang. Raven notes that Ruby sounds just like Summer for wanting to work together.

Qrow BranwenEdit

Qrow was Summer's teammate. He was aware of Summer's lineage as a silver-eyed warrior.

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