For the mother of Ruby Rose, see Summer Rose.
"My name is Summer. I am on a journey, and I am waiting for my sister."
—Summer, introducing herself

Summer is a character from the Fairy Tale The Story of the Seasons and the first Summer Maiden. She was the sister of Winter, Spring and Fall. She was first seen in the episode "Fall" of Volume 3.


Summer was a young girl with long magenta hair and eyes. She wears a white sleeveless shirt and short pants with suspenders.


Summer was very cheerful and outgoing. She quickly became amused at the Wizard staying inside his house. After he decided to go outside, she quickly decided to play tag with him.

Powers and Abilities

She was a capable cook.

Maiden Powers

Main article: Maidens

After receiving powers from the Wizard, Summer showed the ability to manipulate fire. Like the other Maidens, she is able to control other elements.


  • Between "The Four Maidens" and "Fall", the colors of Fall and Summer are swapped. In "Fall", Summer is orange and in "The Four Maidens" she is magenta.
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