Summer's Gravestone[1] is located at the edge of a cliff near a forest, possibly on the island of Patch. The stone commemorates Summer Rose, but it is not known if she is actually buried there or if it is merely a memorial stone.

An emblem of a rose is engraved on the gravestone along with the words, "Summer Rose / Thus Kindly I Scatter". The latter line is from the poem The Last Rose of Summer by Thomas Moore.


The gravestone is first seen in the "Red" Trailer. Ruby Rose is seen standing before her mother's grave in the midst of winter, with snow covering the surroundings. Ruby is also seen visiting the grave in the manga adaptation.

In the Volume 1 Opening, Ruby is seen kneeling before the gravestone in the winter time. A ghostly apparition, wearing a white hooded cloak with red interior very similar to Summer's is seen floating just before the edge as white rose petals scatter in the wind.

Ruby returns to Summer's grave in "Round One", this time in the fall, with the area resplendent in autumnal colors. At the grave, Ruby speaks idly to her mother, talking about recent events in her life and how she still misses her. She also apologizes for not having visited in a while. Some time later, Ruby returns once more in "End of the Beginning" just as winter sets in once again.

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  • According to Jeff Williams, the tombstone's usage in the "Red" Trailer originally had no story significance, as when he questioned Monty Oum about who was in the grave, Monty replied "I don't know. We just thought it would be cool if she visited a grave". Jeff went on to ask "What if it's her mom?" to which Monty answered "That's cool".[2]


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