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The Sulfur Fish is a silverfish-like Creature of Grimm. It was created by Landon Ellis as the winning entry in the Full Sail University and RoosterTeeth Animations Grimm Design contest for Volume 8.


Base Form

The Sulfur Fish's base form is reminiscent of a silverfish. It has a black body with spikes, six legs, and an armored abdomen which leads into three fiery, yellow tails. In Vacuo, the Sulfur Fish has three fiery, red tails.

Its head appears to resemble an amalgamation of a jackal and feline skull, with horns or tentacles rising out of its eye sockets. It has a singular eye where the skull's nose would be, and a spider-like marking on its forehead.

Combination A

When a Sulfur swarm combines, it can take on one of two forms. The first is that of a golem-like monster that takes on a somewhat humanoid appearance. The Sulfur swarm uses their bodies to form hands, feet, and a head and bind themselves with their tails, forming arms and legs.

Combination B

The Sulfur swarm's second combination appears to take on the form of a reptilian head. It forms as a narrow snout with a large lower jaw, covered in "teeth" spreading from the mouth. The interior of its mouth takes on the yellow-orange color of the Sulfur Fish's tails.


The Sulfur Fish first made a cameo appearance in "War", amongst the Grimm rising out of Monstra's Grimm Liquid vomit as Salem wages war in Atlas. A swarm of Sulfur Fish are later seen in "Witch" among the Grimm army.

In "The Final Word", they appear amongst the Ravagers in the attack on the evacuants of Mantle and Atlas in Vacuo.

Powers and Abilities

A Sulfur Fish will usually flee from humans or watch them from a distance if by itself or in very few numbers. But should a hunter finds themselves in the midst of a sulfur swarm, they are known to be quite ravenous. They attack by latching onto their prey, then repeatedly stab or slash them with long, barbed tails. These barbs are super-heated, which can cause intense burns, especially when being attacked by multiple Sulfur Fish.

In severe cases of Sulfur swarms, they gain the tendency to tightly clump together and synchronize their movements to form larger bodies in order to overpower their prey. The type of body the swarm forms into depends on how many Sulfur Fish are present.


  • On May 21st, 2020, RoosterTeeth Productions and Full Sail University announced a collaboration for the production of Volume 8. Full Sail University students and graduates are given exclusive opportunities to design a Grimm that will be featured in Volume 8. On July 18th, it was announced[1] that the Sulfur Fish Grimm design by Landon Ellis was the winner.
  • Its body resembles a silverfish.
    • Silverfish and Sulfur Fish sound really similar.


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