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The Spider Droid is a security robot encountered in the "Black" Trailer that fought Adam Taurus and Blake Belladonna aboard the Black Cargo Train.

It first appeared during the second half of the trailer, when Adam was preparing to detonate charges on the train and ambushed them by dropping down from the ceiling.


The Spider Droid is dark gray and red. It has four legs on its abdomen, two arms and an upright oriented body. It possesses four cannons, one at the end of each arm, and two larger ones mounted on its shoulders.

Each cannon is able to fire independently, but they can merge to form one large cannon which produces and fires much stronger salvos.

The Spider Droid's color scheme is remarkably similar to that of the Atlesian Knight-130, implying that they are possibly made by the same manufacturer and/or are of the same batch of products.


In the "Black" Trailer, the Spider Droid attacks Blake and Adam after the AK-130s fail to subdue them. It manages to knock Adam and Blake onto a different cart of the train. Knowing how strong this robot is, Adam requests that Blake hold it off until Adam is ready to attack again.

Blake goes to fight and delivers a series of seemingly ineffective blows to the machine before jumping back. The Spider Droid attempts to fire its main cannons after that, but Adam, ready to attack, delivers a swift, powerful finishing blow that sends it flying backward while disintegrating its frame.

According to RWBY: Amity Arena, these droids are still prototypes, and their exact number is unknown.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

It shares similar traits with a spider, such as the ability to hang in midair for an ambush attack. It appears to be made of an extremely durable substance that can withstand both Blake's and Adam's initial attacks. At close range, the Spider is able to use its own body and legs to attack and even managed to wound Blake.

At long range, it can fire off each of its four cannons, though it can only fire one at a time at a rather slow rate of fire. The Spider's merged cannon has enough strength and force to knock away both Adam and Blake through the back of a train cart.


  • Writers Kerry Shawcross and Miles Luna have stated, with particular reference to the "Black" Trailer, that technology powered by Dust glows, hinting at a possible power source for the Spider Droid.[1]
  • In the manga, the Spider Droid is actually a mech that is piloted by an AK-130 Android. After Adam destroys the mech, the pilot android climbs out of the wreckage and attempts to attack him, but Blake destroys it.


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