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The Snow Shoe Shipping Facility[1]was a Snow Shoe Shipping building in Mantle used to refine Dust and provide it to the city of Atlas through the use of pneumatic tubes. Snow Shoe and the facility were a smaller subsidiary of the Schnee Dust Company. It was first visited in "Refuge".

In "The Final Word, it was destroyed when Atlas crashed into Mantle and both cities were flooded.



The building in Mantle looked like a simple warehouse except for the pipes running towards the sky


The warehouse had one of several pipes that connected Mantle and Atlas. They were used to transport Dust, or any other needed materials to Atlas.


Atlas Island base

The pipes converged at the base of Atlas island which was near the Atlas Command Center.


AK-200s used by the company

The facility was staffed by AK-200 drones that worked exclusively to the company and did not report to the Atlas Military.


At one point Snow Shoe bought AK-200 drones to report to the company, which as such did not report to the military.

In order to acquire James Ironwood's access code for Amity Colosseum to activate, Ruby's Group needed to infiltrate the Atlas control center. With the help from Weiss Schnee's knowledge on the Schnee Dust Company they used the Snow Shoe Shipping Facility's transport pods to send themselves to Atlas City. The Atlas section of the facility was shown to be close to the Atlas Command Center.

The Facility and its pipe network was used by Team RWBY as reference to Ambrosius for the Evacuation Central Location.

Following the evacuation, the facility was eventually destroyed when Atlas crashed onto Mantle and both cities were flooded.


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