Volume 7

Cordially Invited

The fact of the matter is, you've operated with a fair amount of autonomy for the past few years, James. But we need now is for you to work with us.
—Sleet, to Ironwood

As Above, So Below

We're supposed to, but lately you've been running roughshod all over them, making unilateral decisions without us.
—Sleet, to Ironwood about making decisions without the Council's consent
What people intend and what they do aren't always the same, General.
—Sleet, to Ironwood
That's impossible! Dr. Watts died in the Paladin Incident years ago.
—Sleet, about Watts' supposed "death" as he saw a video of Jacques and Watts
Jacques, take your seat.
—Sleet, to Jacques after watching a video evidence
Jacques Schnee must be tried, not only for treason, but as an accessory to murder.
—Sleet, to everyone about what to do with Jacques and his crimes
Without heat down there... people are going to die.
—Sleet, concerned about Mantle
She can control Grimm?
—Sleet, to Camilla about Salem
Do you really think he can stop her?
—Sleet, to Camilla about Ironwood stopping Salem

Volume 8


And what's this about martial law? Have you lost your damn mind?! Are you that scared of what might--
—Sleet's final words before Ironwood shoots and kills him
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