Cordial Dinner

Councilman Sleet was invited for the dinner hosted by Jacques in the Schnee Manor to discuss James Ironwood's seat in the Atlesian Council, along with Camilla and Robyn Hill.

During dinner, Sleet told Ironwood about the council's frustrations with the General's secrecy, calling for James to trust the council and work alongside them. However, Weiss Schnee interrupts the council to inform them of Jacques working with Arthur Watts to rig the election in his favor. After Jacques is arrested, Sleet is informed of Salem's existence alongside Camilla and Robyn Hill by Ironwood.

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Sleet is killed by Ironwood in front of everyone present

Later that night, Sleet and Camilla arrived at the Atlas Medical Facility to confront Ironwood, demanding to know why the general had placed the kingdom under martial law. As the pair muscled their way through the medical technicians in the hallway, Ironwood steps out of Winter Schnee's hospital room then shot and killed Sleet, much to the shock and horror of those who witnessed.

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