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The fact of the matter is, you've operated with a fair amount of autonomy for the past few years, James. But we need now is for you to work with us.

Councilman Sleet was a member of the Atlas Council, which governed the Kingdom of Atlas. In "Divide", he was killed by James Ironwood after confronting him about enacting martial law.


Sleet was a pale man with black, slicked back, graying hair. He had light blue eyes and wears glasses. Sleet wore a suit with a gray-blue vest and a dark blue tie.


Sleet appeared to be a professional man who keeps Atlas' concerns in mind. He was also shown to be frustrated with James Ironwood's practices as General and Headmaster of Atlas Academy due to the extreme secrecy employed by the General due to his paranoia after the Fall of Beacon. He was also distrustful and frustrated by Ironwood's refusal to reveal any of his secrets regarding the Amity Communications Tower project, the reason for the Dust Embargo and closing of borders of Atlas from the rest of the world, showing that he greatly cared for his Kingdom and would like for Ironwood reciprocate the amount of trust he and the rest of the council has put in him in order to further help Atlas.

Later during the events of "As Above, So Below", Sleet was showcased to have an immense temper when angered. As seen when he was able to barely control his anger when the true character of Jacques Schnee was revealed and the full destructive repercussion of his selfish and amoral actions were disastrously affecting the city of Mantle, which also shown that Sleet cared for all the citizens of Atlas regardless of whether they were from the Kingdom's lower or upper class.


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  • "Sleet" is a form of precipitation consisting of ice pellets, often mixed with rain or snow.
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