Participants Episode(s) Result
Team CRDL vs. Pyrrha "Extracurricular" Lost
Sky and Russel vs. Penny and Ciel "Never Miss a Beat" Lost


Beacon Academy Initiation

Sky's first appearance is when Ozpin declares him a member of Team CRDL due to his pair and another pair both retrieving the black bishop pieces.

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Start of Classes

Sky is later seen in the cafeteria with his team bullying and laughing at Velvet Scarlatina, while Cardin Winchester pulls her rabbit ears to prove that they are real.

Sky can briefly be seen sitting behind Cardin in Dr. Oobleck's class.

Sky is seen alongside his team in the Forever Fall forest. After Jaune Arc gets the six jars of red sap, he joins his team in watching and waiting to see if Jaune will throw the jar at Pyrrha Nikos in order to exact Cardin's revenge.

After Jaune refuses and throws the jar at Cardin, Sky places his hand on Dove Bronzewing's shoulder plate, who quickly brushes him off. After this, he and Dove pick up Jaune in order to exact their revenge.

Sky assists Cardin in attacking Jaune, showing up behind him and proving that he is willing to kick a downed opponent. When an Ursa appears, he flees in a stark panic alongside Russel Thrush and Dove.

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Prelude to the Dance

He is seen fighting against Pyrrha Nikos with his team. He and his teammates are defeated by Pyrrha without much difficulty.

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Vytal Festival Tournament

In "Round One", Sky can be seen in the background, walking around the Vytal Festival fairgrounds.

Sky and Russel share a panicked look during their match against Penny and Ciel

Sky and his team compete in the fortieth annual Vytal Festival Tournament, representing Beacon Academy and the kingdom of Vale. After Team CRDL wins their (off-screen) match in the team round of the tournament, Sky and Russel are selected to represent them in the doubles round. They are matched against Penny Polendina and Ciel Soleil of Atlas Academy. They are thoroughly outmatched by Penny, who easily defeats both of them in the brief match.

It is currently unknown where Sky was in the Battle of Beacon and what his status is following the Fall of Beacon.

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