Sky Lark is a former attendee of Beacon Academy, and a member of Team CRDL. His weapon of choice is Feather's Edge. He made his first appearance in "Players and Pieces".


Sky has blue eyes and long, combed back, dark blue hair. He wears dark gray armor with light gray edges, as well as vambraces of the same style. Underneath his armor, he wears a black, long-sleeved V-neck shirt and black pants.


Sky seems to be a cowardly sort. So far he has not spoken and follows Cardin Winchester in his abuse of others. When Jaune Arc defies Cardin by pelting him with a jar of red sap, Sky tries to hide behind Dove Bronzewing, who shrugs him off, obviously annoyed.

He displays a capacity to be silly, as seen when he uses his hands to form bunny ears on his head, though whether this is lighthearted or entirely meant to offend Velvet Scarlatina is subject to speculation. His cowardly side is mostly seen when he abandons his leader to fend for himself against a giant Ursa.

Powers and Abilities

In the doubles round fight against Penny Polendina and Ciel Soleil in the tournament, he demonstrates some acrobatic skill when he uses his halberd to pole vault over a boulder to avoid Penny's attack.


Main article: Feather's Edge

Sky's weapon of choice is Feather's Edge. In "Extracurricular", Sky displays enough physical strength to gouge his axe into the ground. However, he is also shown to have very little coordination whether on his own or with his teammates, as he is unable to competently block attacks while battling against Pyrrha Nikos, constantly being driven back and/or knocked down. He ended up being the first member of the team to be incapacitated, not long after the fight began.


Color Naming Rule

  • The name "Sky" suggests shades of blue and gray.
  • Sky Lark is named after a genus of larks known as Alauda, also known as Skylarks. This fits the bird theme for Team CRDL.
  • "Skylark" is an antiquated verb meaning to fool around; fitting his goofy nature compared to his teammates.


  • Sky's eyes changed from blue to brown in Volume 2.
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