Sil is the leader of Team SMMK, a team of Huntsmen who appeared in Kuchinashi recently, carving themselves a reputation for being annoying, in part due to their overly self-indulgent theatrics. He is revealed to be apart of the Wave along with his team, serving as an antagonist in RWBY: The Grimm Campaign. He makes his debut in "Where There's Smoke...".


Sil is a short man, light-skinned man with black bangs and light blue eyes.

He wears a black leather clothes with many belts and buckles.


He is described as a "goth extrovert," and has a tick of flipping his hair away from his face. He has a habit of doing this even when he is in dangerous situations such as when Fenix Nemean shot him with a turret gun.

Sil also put his tab on Fenix when he and his team visited the Skillful despite not knowing him or even caring about him just to avoid paying with his own money.

Like the rest of his team, he was okay with working with a criminal organization like the Wave as long as it meant that they got paid in the end. While he worked with them, he was shown to bark orders around at the lower ranked members and enjoyed it. He was also shown to be okay with using Violence on Daff in order to threaten Team SAFR in the process and blowing up the side of a mountain to kill them later on.

Despite working with the Wave, he and his team had no real loyalty to them. After they got their hands on one of their magic artifacts on their stolen ship, they used it to teleport out of there while leaving Lemon to fend for herself.

Powers and Abilities

Sil is capable of obscuring an area in Darkness through the use of his Semblance.


  • Sil is the first half of the color silver.


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