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Affiliation[edit | edit source]

White Fang[edit | edit source]

Sienna was the former High Leader of the White Fang. During her time as leader, it was shown and implied that all of members of the White Fang greatly respected and believed in her usage of violence to demand respect from Humanity.

White Fang[edit | edit source]

Adam Taurus[edit | edit source]

Back when the White Fang was led by Ghira Belladonna, Sienna and Adam understood one another, shown when she nodded for him to engage the humans attacking their convoy. She openly supported Adam's methods and gave him control of the Vale branch of the White Fang.


In "Dread in the Air", their relationship was shown to be strained as Sienna criticized his involvement in the Fall of Beacon, citing how it actually hurt the White Fang in the long run. Once she realized Adam was trying to overthrow her, she defiantly proclaimed she would never serve him, right before Adam took her life and her position as High Leader.

Belladonna Family[edit | edit source]

Ghira Belladonna[edit | edit source]

No longer on the same side

Not much interaction has been shown between them, but during the convoy attack, it is shown that their different opinions on conflict resolution hurt their working relationship, resulting in Ghira stepping down as High Leader and Sienna taking his place.

Although their ideology and belief's clashed with each other, it was shown that Ghira still harbored strong respect for Sienna and what she stood for and while not advocating her usage of fear, terrorism and violence against Humanity to gain their rightfully deserved respect, Ghira did agree with her that the Faunus people deserved better than what they have and that they should be seen and treated as equals by humanity.

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