Volume 5

Dread in the Air

Adam. I'm not going to repeat myself, so I want you to listen when I tell you that the White Fang will not attack Haven Academy.
—Sienna to Adam, refusing to help and attack Haven
You should beg for forgiveness and nothing else! The assault you led on Beacon was not the great victory you clearly think it was, and you should be more grateful your punishment was not more severe. You are a symbol for many in our organization, but that doesn't make you infallible.
—Sienna to Adam, about his actions on Beacon Academy
I'm starting to doubt either of you fully comprehend what it is that I want. I want humanity to fear the Faunus, to know that we demand respect! I do not want to start a war with the humans that we cannot win!
—Sienna to Adam
If you think I'll just step aside and follow beneath you, you're wrong.
—Sienna's last words before being killed by Adam

Volume 6

Volume 6 Adam Character Short

Adam - if you continue along this path, you might just find yourself standing beside me at my throne.
—Sienna to Adam

About Sienna Khan

Give our former leader a proper burial. All who were here tonight will claim that Sienna was murdered by a human Huntsman. Sienna Khan will become a martyr for our cause, her final act as High Leader.
—Adam to White Fang members after he killed Sienna
So I stepped down, and Sienna Khan was appointed as my successor. It's true that I do not fully condone many of her methods. What I do condone is what Sienna fights for: the idea that the Faunus and humans are, and should be, equal.
—Ghira to everyone about Sienna in "Unforeseen Complications"

RWBY: Amity Arena

Sienna is the charismatic new leader of the White Fang appointed after Ghira Belladonna stepped down. With her rise came the use of violence and militarization, as the fringe elements of the White Fang became the core, with members such as Adam Taurus embracing the philosophy of his new leader. So, it is only befitting that Sienna’s semblance is “Grudge.” Her already powerful Tiger Faunus genealogy augmented by this power to finish off her targets. Her grudge activating on foes that have their Aura weakened or broken making her stronger, faster, more vicious when going in for the kill. Knowing this, it is no mystery why the White Fang started to implode with its top leaders being embodiments of “Grudge” and “Spite.” Still, we have some respect for Sienna in that she never gave up her ideology and dignity in pursuit of misguided justice. May she rest in peace, and give up her grudge, in death. “What I do condone is what Sienna fights for: the idea that the Faunus and humans are, and should be, equal.” -Ghira
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