Just take my Lien and leave!
—Shopkeep, pleading with Roman Torchwick

The Shopkeep is a character from RWBY who is the owner of the Dust shop From Dust Till Dawn. He first appears in "Ruby Rose", when his dust shop is robbed by Roman Torchwick and several Henchmen.

He is shown to own at least two shops: From Dust Till Dawn and A Simple Wok. He also mans a noodle stall at Vytal Festival fairgrounds.


The Shopkeep is an elderly, balding, gray-haired man with wrinkles under his eyes and over his brow. Typically, he wears a green shirt with a red apron and gray pants.

Being older, he appears to have trouble moving around and moves sluggishly, occasionally being hunched over. His eyes always seem to be closed but he can still see.


In his first appearance, the Shopkeep shows little interest in conflict. He is timid when Torchwick and his men arrived, offering to let them take his money if they just leave. The man is very helpful, apparently taking part in preparations for the Vytal Festival and freely offering Emerald Sustrai directions to Tukson's Book Trade.

However, his helpful nature also makes him easy to take advantage of, as evidenced when Emerald pickpocketed him, despite his help. Given that he is seen driving an armored car for his Dust shop, the Shopkeep can be assumed to have a considerable work ethic, despite his age.

The Shopkeep was also willing to bribe researchers from Human Nextwork to let him be a character in the game.[1]

Powers and Abilities

The Shopkeep seems to be extremely talented when it comes to working. He operates (and possibly owns) multiple storefronts, fills a bowl of fish for Blake after she requests it in under 3 seconds, has the strength to throw credit cards like knives and embed them into a wooden surface, and has proven his dexterity by stacking large bowls above his head.



  • The Shopkeep is similar to the cabbage merchant from Avatar: The Last Airbender, a character whose appearances involve a running gag of his shops getting destroyed.
  • The Shopkeep appears in the first episode of each volume of the Beacon Arc.
  • In RWBY Chibi, the running gag of the Shopkeep operating multiple businesses continues. He is shown owning an arcade, army and police surplus supply stores, and a motorcycle store called Easy Riders. He also works as a janitor at Beacon Academy with access to the Super Secret Vault, as a security officer at the airport, and as a dry cleaner.


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