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The Ship is a vehicle designed to transport passengers across long-distance maritime routes. It is equipped with naval artillery to fight against sea Grimm that can be encountered during its journeys. It made its first appearance in "Of Runaways and Stowaways".


The ship is an engine-powered ocean liner made primarily out of wood. The ship's rooms appear to be mostly cabins for the passengers on the ship as indicated by the many windows below deck. It has the symbol of Mistral on the starboard.

The bridge contains the ship's wheel and an assortment of modern instruments used for navigation, engine control and weapon systems.

The ship is also equipped with a gangway to allow the passengers to disembark.


As a primary method of defense, the ship has access to 6 cannons on its port side, with another 6 likely on its starboard side. These are stored behind panels when not in use. Also stored below deck of the ship's bow is a heavy cannon. It provides a better firing arc and more power at the cost of a longer reload time.


The ship has a Captain, First Mate and two other crew members.

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  • In "No Safe Haven" Yang holds a picture of the ship with a caption starting with "Pride", but it is obscured by Yang's thumb.
  • In No Safe Haven a similar ship appears crewed by the same crew.

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