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My name is Shion Zaiden. I'm a Nightmare Hunter.
—Shion Zaiden

Shion Zaiden is an original character from the anime RWBY: Ice Queendom. Shion is a Nightmare Hunter tasked to capture Grimm that have possessed people in dreams. Shion's weapon is a Dream Catcher.


Shion appears to be a young person with long silver hair and lavender eyes. They have light purple nail polish on their fingernails. Their outfit consists of loose light purple long sleeves with their shoulders exposed, baggy white trousers with a black sash that holds three golden keys, and high heel black boots. In addition to their attire, they wear a big light lavender mage hat with three black feathers on it and a black fabric collar with two gold rings around it.


Not much is known about Shion, but they appear to be stoic and calm. They also appear to be determined to capture Nightmares and prevent them from possessing people. In “Awaken in a Dream”, they appear very intelligent as they have great knowledgeable about Nightmare and dreamscapes. Shion appears to care for the safety for the people they send into the sleeper’s dreams.

Powers and Abilities


Shion's weapon is a Dream Catcher with purple gravity Dust infused strings attached to it.[1]


Shion's Semblance, allows them to send the hearts of others into a sleeper's dream. They give coins to lucid dreamers after they enter the sleeper's dream. The coins can be used to create telephones for communication, a marker door, a decoy, a map showing where the dreamer has been up to that point or get sent back to the real world. This Semblance also lets Shion manipulate the strings used by his weapon.[1]


The more coins used by the lucid dreamers, the more Shion's Aura is drained, and they won't be able to help if all of the coins are used up or worse. It is unknown if once Shion's Aura depletes, they will be able to get lucid dreamers out of the sleeper's dreams.

In "Awaken in a Dream", it is confirmed by Yang that if the last coin is used up for something else and not used for bringing them back to the real world, the lucid dreamers will be trapped in the sleeper's dreamers forever. It is also possible if the lucid dreamers get injured or killed in the sleeper's dreams, they will inflict injuries or die in the real world.

Other Skills

They are skilled at making voodoo dolls of the people they send into the sleeper’s dreams. The voodoo dolls serves as life line when the lucid dreamers are in the sleeper's dreams. When Ruby gets injured by Negative Weiss in Weiss' dreamscape, Ruby's voodoo doll gets torn in the same place.


Shion carried a suitcase full of equipments for hunting down Nightmares and dream related cases. They have a special hourglass filled with lavender flowers instead of sand to keep track of Shion’s Aura from depleted or recovery. They also have unnamed equipment that turns Nightmares back into a dominant state.


Color Naming Rule

  • The name "Shion" is the Japanese word for a hue of purple.[2]
  • It is also the Japanese word for the "Aster tataricus", which are violet-blue or blue flowers with golden centers.

Character and Design

  • Shion was designed by anime concept artist Huke.
  • Shion is the only character to have different pronouns in the English and Japanese dubs. On the official Japanese website, Shion is referred to with male pronouns,[3] whereas Rooster Teeth treats Shion as nonbinary.[4]
  • In an interview with Gen Urobuchi and Tow Ubukata, it was stated that Rooster Teeth had rejected an early proposal for Shion's weapon, saying it had looked too similar to a weapon that would be introduced in the main series.[5]


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