Volume 5

Welcome to Haven

Are you telling me you're too young to drink? You look like a regular Huntress. And a beauty at that.
—Shay, to Yang
I heard you're... looking for someone. Heh.
—Shay, to Yang

Lighting the Fire

Now to pay me back for this tooth, we're going to take your bike. And you're going to take your lumps.
—Shay, threatening Yang
You got the jump on me last time, sweetheart. But you really ought to think twice about fighting all—
—Shay, before being interrupted when Yang engages the gun on her robotic arm
Who are you? It doesn't even matter. When Raven finds out what you did, you're dead!
—Shay, to Yang
I'm dead.
—Shay, after Yang reveals that she's Raven's daughter

Rest and Resolutions

Ya know, I've had a real bad week. So I think I'm gonna take it out on you—
—Shay, before he stop mid-sentence when seeing Cinder and Watts joining Emerald and Mercury