Now to pay me back for this tooth, we're going to take your bike. And you're going to take your lumps.
—Shay, threatening Yang

Shay D. Mann, also known as the Shady Man, is a bandit from the Branwen Tribe who Yang first encounters in the episode "Welcome to Haven" of RWBY Volume 5.


Shay is a skinny man with long dirty blond hair and gray eyes. He has a stubble around his mouth and is missing an upper left tooth after getting punched by Yang. He wears a dark blue and gray jacket with torn sleeves over a long sleeved shirt He wears a bandana around his neck and has a shoulder pad on his right shoulder. He wears brown leather fingerless gloves with straps and brown pants with boots, and wields a crude revolver-like handgun with knuckles and a blade attached to the handle.


Yang first encounters him as a drunk customer at the Just Rite fuel station. He is a touch lascivious, verbally appraising Yang's body. He persists in hitting on Yang despite her refusal, even going so far as to attempt to touch her hair. After she knocks his tooth out and ejects him from the building in the process, he offers to help her find his tribe's leader, but he leads her into a fight with his fellow bandits in the process. However, Yang easily defeats them all. Later on, while standing guard, he is approached by Cinder Fall and her group.

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  • Shay was first credited as Shady Man, but later as Shay D. Mann.
  • Shady can refer to "suspicious", but also means "dark" and "shadowy".
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