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Sharp Retribution[1] is a pair of bladed weapons wielded by Fox Alistair with one attached to each arm.


Both of the weapons that make up Sharp Retribution consist of a blade attached to a gauntlet which Fox wears across his arm. The blade has a bronze coloration while its sharpened edge, from the midsection to the tip, is black. It has a barrel located in the front and the trigger works as the handle.

Due to the blade being positioned on the elbow, it is highly likely that this weapon is designed with elbow strikes in mind. If the weapon has a forward-firing mechanism like Ember Celica, the recoil could bring the blades into another target like Crescent Rose.

During "Field Trip", a closer view of Sharp Retribution is shown and allows a glimpse of its more complex mechanisms. It appears to feature a pivot which allows the blade to swing forward toward Fox's wrist and back again, similar to the arms of a mantis. There are what appear to be Dust ammunition magazines along Fox's belt, to which he uses for the weapon's ranged capability.

"Breach" shows that Fox uses the blades in combination with martial arts, performing moves similar to boxing to hit both with his fists and the blades. He kills several Grimm before punching an Ursa with enough force to make it explode, shooting its spikes and killing off more Grimm. This technique possibly uses his Aura, since Lie Ren uses a similar ability against a King Taijitu in "The Emerald Forest".

The weapon's ranged capabilities are not featured in the show but are shown in RWBY: After the Fall, used both by Fox and Velvet Scarlatina when she copies his weapon with Anesidora.[2][3]