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Shadow Hands[1] are creatures of Grimm.

Salem is capable of summoning and controlling them on command and one such hand is used to replace Cinder Fall's missing left arm after her defeat at the Fall of Beacon.


Cinder FallEdit

V5 13 00067

Cinder's Shadow Hand

After losing her left arm in her attack on Beacon because of Ruby Rose's Silver Eyes, Salem gave Cinder a Grimm arm by unknown means. The arm has the ability to stretch and siphon Maiden powers and its claws are able to impale Vernal, leading to her death. Her Grimm arm cannot channel Aura, making it vulnerable to attacks, but it is capable of channeling magic, allowing her to create her weapons. It also gives her a crippling weakness to Silver Eyes as seen in the Battle of Haven when Ruby's Silver Eyes attack puts her in immense pain.

V7 13 00142

Cinder's Shadow Arm painfully regrowing

Later during her battle against Winter and Penny for the power of the Winter Maiden, It was revealed that the Shadow Arm itself can regrow if ever severed off of Cinder, as seen when Cinder successfully regrew her lost limb upon having it chopped off by Winter. However it can also be noted that the process itself is exceptionally painful, as Cinder was screaming and wriggling in agony as her arm regrew.

In Volume 7, Cinder's Shadow Hand seems to be growing further up her body as the series progresses, where the Grimm flesh has now reached her left shoulder when during the events of Volume 5-6, the Grimm arm only stopped in her forearm/elbow area. Additionally, the scars on her arm have undergone change, appearing to cover the entirety of her remaining limb and having a more raw appearance. It is possible, however, that these changes may simply be a revision in her design. 


V6 04 00026

Salem summoning multiple arms.

In "So That's How It Is", Salem summons multiple Shadow Hands from the floor to immobilize Hazel Rainart for displeasing her with an incorrect response. The arms are summoned through a red glyph and a cloud of black smoke


Geist glyph 4

Geist Glyph

  • Shadow Hands use the same model as Geist arms.
  • A red glyph is used when the Petra Gigas summons an arm. The same glyph is also used when Salem summons Shadow Hands.
  • In The World of RWBY: The Official Companion, it is stated that they don't come from another specific Grimm.


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